It’s that time of year that children dread and parents dream of… The end of the summer holidays! I’ve taken an enforced break from writing over the summer which was a bit frustrating because I got so close to the end of book 3 before the holidays started, and now I’ve forgotten what’s supposed to happen. But I did my best to enjoy six weeks of full-time parenting, and we also got away for a couple of weeks which was nice.

I can’t quite believe it, but the arrival of September also means it’s a year since The Wave at Hanging Rock was published. It doesn’t feel that long, but at the same time I’ve learnt so much over that time. If someone had told me a year ago that my first book would be at [checks Amazon quickly] #519 on the Amazon UK listings (out of four million books), that I’d have written and published a second book, be well on the way to a third and have actual, real people around the world that have enjoyed them, I would definitely have taken that.

At the same time there’s so many areas where I can now see how to improve and learn from the many mistakes I’ve made. Slackness in providing updates is one example, I’ve not put anything on my blog for months, which is a bit rubbish as it only takes a few moments (this is being written while the kids and I wait for our blackberry cake to cook. It’s the second blackberry cake we’ve done this week because the first was so good.)

Top of the list though is getting my third book finished. There’s no date yet but it’ll definitely be this year. I’ve had Rob Earp working on the cover over the last few weeks (he did The Wave, and the final version of Desert Run too). I’ve come to the view that he’s a design genius. I’ll do a facebook cover ‘reveal’ in a few weeks (I think that’s a thing). I’m excited about this book because I definitely feel it’s the best I’ve written yet, but also because it’s much better aligned to the thriller-reading market than either of my first two books. More about that later, and more on what it’s about too. But just in case anyone’s worried, I was joking above forgetting what happens. For possibly the first time in any of my books, the ending’s solid this time!

Hope you’ve all had a good summer, and since this might be seen by people in Australia and South Africa too, hope you had a good winter too…

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