It’s that time of year that children dread and parents dream of… The end of the summer holidays! I’ve taken an enforced break from writing over the summer which was a bit frustrating because I got so close to the end of book 3 before the holidays started, and now I’ve forgotten what’s supposed to happen. But I did my best to enjoy six weeks of full-time parenting, and we also got away for a couple of weeks which was nice.

Where do stories come from? Something happened last weekend to get me thinking about that. I was on a visit home, to where I grew up, on the East coast of England. My brother was there as well, and we decided to do something to help him with the training of his next adventure. I'll explain what in a minute. But first of all I need to tell you about something that happened twenty five years ago, when I was just fifteen. 

If you’re after a copy of The Wave at Hanging Rock but don’t ‘do’ ebooks, a paperback edition is now available from this link. You’ll be taken to a website called Feedaread, which is a UK print on demand service and they’ll send you a shiny new copy for just £8.49. Feedaread is partially funded by the Arts Council and this helps keep the cost down (it makes it cheaper than it would have been going through the Amazon print on demand service, which I also looked at.)

I've had a few people ask me when the paperback version of The Wave at Hanging Rock is coming, which I believe I promised for the beginning of October. I'm pleased to say it's nearly here - I should be able to provide a link to buy the book by the end of this week.

If you're looking to download The Wave at Hanging Rock, this weekend is a good time to do it because it's free!

Yesterday I got to experience a rather special moment. I finally got to hold in my hands my own book. An actual physical book that I’d written. In many ways this was a moment I’d dreamed about for years. I think it deserves a little blogpost…

Avid fans will remember that my first novel The Wave at Hanging Rock comes out in September (and is available to pre-order now here). But since I don’t have any avid fans, I feel justified in reminding people.

I made the decision about mid-way through writing my first novel The Wave at Hanging Rock to self publish using the Amazon platform. Since a few people have asked why, I’ve decided to explain.

Exciting news: I’ve got a launch date. My first novel, The Wave at Hanging Rock will be released in Kindle format on 10th September. Even more exciting news: You can pre-order the book right now. It’s probably a good idea in case the Amazon servers get overwhelmed on the big day.

I haven’t said much yet about the story, so here’s the blurb from the back:

Two of the things I'm enjoying about the project of writing this book is working with skilled professional people who know what they're doing on the website and the cover design. It makes a nice change. I don't mean that entirely self-depreciatingly, it makes a nice change to let someone else take on some of the work (and the work I can't do very well).

It's also nice to get new input, and I was pleased how this went.