Which is the best cover design?

Cover designs for The Wave at Hanging Rock

Two of the things I'm enjoying about the project of writing this book is working with skilled professional people who know what they're doing on the website and the cover design. It makes a nice change. I don't mean that entirely self-depreciatingly, it makes a nice change to let someone else take on some of the work (and the work I can't do very well).

It's also nice to get new input, and I was pleased how this went.

I asked Rob Earp, a friend and graphic designer to come up with some initial ideas for a cover for the book, and then I put those three options up on facebook and asked people to comment on which they thought was the best. They're all work in progress, but I knew which I preferred but was interested to see whether a majority would also share that opinion. Here are the three options, and before you read on, which one do you think works best?

option 2
Option 1
option 2
Option 2
Option 3
Option 3

The results were a little cut short by the small matter of Brexit - I put the images up two days before the UK very unexpectedly voted to leave the EU, resulting in the resignation of the Prime Minister and the end of civilisation as we know it. (It was actually cunning timing, I had figured we'd vote to stay and everyone would be so bored of the discussion they'd be only too happy to spare a few minutes helping me select a book cover). Clever.

Anyway, notwithstanding the recent proof that polls can be wrong, the results I got were pretty conclusive. Option 1 was by far the most popular with 73% of the vote. Option 2 came in second with just 18% and Option 3 trailed home with 9%.

Option 1 it is then. Thanks everyone!