Reviews of The Wave at Hanging Rock


Don't miss this its a real treat. I couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end. The character's are well drawn and you feel as if you know them well. There lies the rub. If this is Gregg's first outing and can capture a girl who doesn't get surfing at ALL bring on the next. The surfing underpins the whole thing and there's explanatory surf tips which were so well done they add a resonance. I wouldn't ever have imagined I'd rave about a book of this kind but its much more than you'd expect. I've given it a 5 star by my own rating of 'Will I miss it when it ends?' And yes I certainly do. Grab a copy its well worth investing your time in. Get a move on Gregg waiting for the next.

- Cal Turton in Amazon

A very enjoyable read with characters that I genuinely cared about from the beginning. An impressive debut novel incorporating different timelines, artfully woven together with a classic thriller motif. Each time a chapter ended, I really wanted to know what happened next. A novelist to watch for the future.

- Mojito Dez in Amazon

it's always a tough choice to make selecting a new author to read but in this case i was not dissapointed
"the wave at hanging rock "is an excellent story with some really good surfing sequences that had me out in the lineup waiting with the guys and some excellent twists and turns plot wise that will keep you hooked to the last page

- Max S in Amazon

An amazing book, very engaging throughout. As a beach/occasional surf enthusiast I could easily relate to the surfing passages but this is by no means a niche book, anyone who enjoys a good thriller will love the pace of this novel. I couldn't put the book down and would have finished much sooner if it wasn't for the distractions of two young children. A great first book, well done! I look forward to seeing the movie one day..

- LHall in Amazon

One of the best books I've read in a while. My attention span is limited so a book has to grab me straight away for me to give it the time. This was a real page turner with characters I cared about. Full of surprises along the way you must read this book. I wish I could write like this! Looking forward to book number two.

- Argella in Amazon

Highly recommended. A great debut novel that effortlessly wraps surfing into a confident psychological thriller that was difficult to put down! Hanging Rock is somewhere that every real surfer hopes to find and the author is spot on in keeping the surfing gritty and plausible rather than falling into the usual genre stereotypes. The surf scenes are highly authentic and are used sparingly so that this book will appeal to surfers and non-surfers alike. Above all, The Wave at Hanging Rock keeps you swiping pages as it combines tragedy, hard times and violence with plot twists, dark humour and the dream of halcyon days.

- G.M. in Amazon

The Wave at Hanging Rock is the first novel from former sports journalist Gregg Dunnett, and a very promising debut it is too. 

Much of the book is narrated by Jesse, brought to the UK from Australia as a boy when his father tragically dies. He describes his new life, revolving around surfing with his two new friends, but we’re left in little doubt that something horrible happened to wreck this friendship.

At the same time we’re introduced to Natalie, a young woman who at first appears to have the perfect life, a great career, a wealthy charming and successful husband. But that life falls apart when her husband fails to return from a surfing trip. 

At first the two stories don’t appear to be connected, but as the tale unfolds we see that they are, and they trap the characters in a way we don’t see coming.

Gregg’s experience as a surfing journalist shines through in some excellent surfing scenes, but it’s not just for surfers, this is a gripping page-turner, part psychological thriller, part coming-of-age story, and with a shock surprise at the end which you won’t see coming! 

- Jenefer Roberts in Suffolk Country Living

A great read that keeps you turning the pages in anticipation. The smouldering pace sets an edgy tone and you're not quite sure what will happen next. 

- Tez Plavenieks, Editor in SUPMag UK